“It is strangely fantastic to reflect back to these early days, when all our dreams were open-ended and unfulfilled. Not so many years have passed, but life is measured by the potholes, not the length of the road. A person has but one chance in life, when he is young and foolish and ignorant, to absolutely and perfectly desire something as I then desired to get onto the high crag. It’s the genius of not knowing the “proper” proportion of things, of focusing everything on what you wanted, not what others thought you needed. The best part of all is how clean and honest it all felt, following desire so precisely, with no pathos or pretense or second thoughts at all. it seemed that if we didn’t follow our calling, all was lost, and life would never make sense to us. Only later would things get too complex and muddled to think and act so decisively, and only later would I realize that those early days on the boulders were the best days after all.”
John Long – Rock Jocks, Wall Rats and Hang Dogs