ARI DENISON one camera, one lens, one year


It would be disingenuous for me to claim that I have an exact vision for my photography. Photography transcends the realm of a mere job or passion; it is a vital part of my life, akin to a trusted confidant for most people. I derive enjoyment from it, seek inspiration within it, create lasting memories with it, find solace in it during challenging times, and, on occasion, even generate income from it. The moment I do earn money through photography, it feels as though the stars have aligned, and that sensation amplifies when I turn a profit. Working in a small town in Oregon, where substantial photography clients are scarce, presents its own set of challenges. I made a conscious decision to be here.

I have numerous reasons for choosing to be in this place.

City life often ushers in urban complexities, which I don't want my children or I to grapple with. The cost-benefit ratio simply doesn't justify it. Hence, I'm not registering a complaint but rather ruminating on how and where photography currently fits into my life within this locale.

This website is a personal endeavor. It's not designed for profit, client acquisition through a dazzling portfolio, or even as an ego platform to showcase my photographic prowess. In fact, I suspect many of the images on this site will have an unpolished quality. I'll be using a single camera and lens, endeavoring to minimize post-processing. In fact, I'll upload images directly from my camera to this server whenever possible. The website exists primarily to make these images accessible to me, regardless of my location at any given moment. So, this site is a personal experiment. It explores how a fixed and extremely minimalist kit influences my creative process and mindset, and how it alters my artistic perspective. I do plan to compose a few articles on esoteric photographic subjects and even compile an occasional photo essay. These endeavors are enjoyable to me, regardless of whether they attract an audience or generate profit.

I hope you appreciate the content presented here. My objective is to update this site daily for an entire year, commencing on January 1, 2024. Beyond that, I'm uncertain about the future of the website.

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