ARI DENISON one camera, one lens, one year

The Silent Generation

A writer leaves behind an abrevieated treasure for his son

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Feature: Feature Stories

Leaburg Dam and Canal

Exploring memory and place on the McKenzie River.

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Feature: Analog Photography

Live with an image

A slow burn is rarely a bad thing

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Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

I'm not a National Geographic photographer. I've never had malaria, never been bitten by vipers or venomous jellyfish. I've never set up a photo blind on top of a fire ant nest and waited for 108 hours in 90% humidity for a single image of a reclusive mudskipper species. For me, if thousands of tiny black flies are trying to lay eggs in my eye sockets, or my nostrils are burning from the indescribably disgusting stench coming from a cobble stone beach, I'm not going to stick around to take photos. Hard pass. I don't know. I guess I'm not …

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Misty Morning

I took Luna down to the Crystal Lake sports fields this morning. As we walked, the dense mist swiftly yielded to the touch of sunlight filtering through branches and over the treetops. The Fields often carry the last mist of the morning in Corvallis. If the sky above the mist is clear and sunny we get an extended blue hour at ground level. It can be gorgeous but the light changes fast, requiring anything from 1/8th of a second to 1/2000 from moment to moment. It is worth the effort, and worth allowing my dog to wander a bit more …

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Ilford FP4+

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